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Oral Surgery

Benefits of visiting your general dentist for oral surgery:

There are several situations where a patient may need to undergo oral surgery in order to address a dental health issue or to make a cosmetic alteration to the mouth. While some types of surgery may require collaboration with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, there are several procedures that can be performed right in the general dentist’s office. Patients can experience a number of advantages by having their regular dentist perform any needed oral surgery.

For many patients, the word surgery sometimes leads to feelings of anxiety, but having a procedure done by a dentist they know and trust can make the process feel less intimidating. Additionally, the dentist may already be familiar with the patient’s medical history and overall dental health. Many people also enjoy the convenience of being an established client and not having to go through the process of registering as a new patient at a separate office and filling out excessive paperwork. Rather, all steps of the procedure can occur at one familiar place where the individual is already comfortable.

Most patients receive a recommendation for oral surgery from their dentist during a routine checkup. If the office provides that specific treatment, the dentist usually presents that option to the patient. This gives the individual the benefit of working with someone trusted and familiar. If the treatment is not offered, the dentist makes a referral to another type of dental provider who can perform the surgery.